Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


The article gives you the details of professionals who use the metal detector and the possible uses the metal detectors are out to

This is in addition to the amateur use of metal detector for prospecting.

Variety of Uses for Metal Detectors

There is a bewildering array of persons who have professional uses of metal detectors. The purpose to which metal detectors are put to, are given in the following paragraphs

Security Staff: Security staff use metal detectors at every stage. Any entry into the building, aero plane, bus or a meeting that is expected to be stormy is checked by the security staff with the help of metal detectors. The entry to aero plane is now a matter of day-to-day knowledge. The security staff with their metal detectors is a hot topic of discussion in parties.

Military Persons: The military persons use the metal detectors for detecting mines put up by the enemy. The instances of persons being blown up by mines in Cambodia/Vietnam and other places in the world has prompted many personalities in Hollywood to take action of removing mines from the places where the wars have taken previously. The metal detectors are used extensively in these combing operations

Police: Police may use the metal detectors at the scene of crime to find out evidence that may not be very easily visible. Some times this takes the shape of finding out the needle in a haystack. Metal detectors help in finding the elusive needle and hand it over to police

Construction persons: Construction persons routinely use metal detectors to locate underground utilities when they wish to lay new lines or cables. If this is not done properly, there are chances of accidents and inconvenience to the persons living in the area.

Site Developers: Contraction site developers also use the metal detectors for making sure that there are no underground lines in the area where the new buildings are coming up.

Maintenance Engineers: If a plant site is old and drawings are not available for the plant, the metal detectors are called in to find out if there are any cables or the utility lines where the new lines are proposed. This reduces the possible accidents that may be caused by inadvertent digging in the places where the cables have been laid previously.

Survey persons: Finding survey markers is one hell of a job after 3 or 4 years. Metal pegs driven into the soil get buried under silt and if the metal detectors are not available the surveys have to be re-done. Metal detectors help you here.
Utility persons: Whenever and wherever a new road is being built, the valves tend to get lost if they are not operated frequently. Rather than digging the whole road for location valves, the metal detectors can locate the valves so that a minimum of road digging has to be done for operating the valves.

Do you find the one missing element from the list? Yes! the hobbyist is missing from the list.

Hobbyist: Hobbyists is a category of persons using the metal detectors who use the equipment just for fun and some times get the return on their money that will be the envy of biggest industrialists in the world. The hobbyists get a coin, a pin, a lapel, or sometimes a diamond ring. It all depends on the luck. But the hobbyists are not deterred. They continue on and on.


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