Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


There are a number of issues that need to be considered before you go in the market for buying a metal detector.

The article gives you what to look for when buying a new metal detector.

Think Before Buying Metal Detector

The two things you need to consider before you start searching in market for metal detector are the purpose and the budget. Theses things are basic before you go in for selection. It is no use buying a costly metal detector if all you are gong to do it with is fun on the beach. On the other hand it is worthless to buy a handheld detector if you are going in for gold prospecting. So think and then act.

Metal detection technologies

Market gives you metal detectors based on 3 technologies

  • Beat-frequency oscillation: This is the basic technology and works as radar
  • Pulse induction This technology is also akin to a radar and not very useful for differentiating between various objects encountered
  • Very low frequency (VLF) This is better technology for distinguishing between various metals and is useful for high end use

So if you are a serious prospector, you must go in for VLF technology. Knowing the details of technologies will not help you in deciding the metal detector, but knowing will not hurt you either.

Things to look for in Metal Detectors

  1. Confirm the use: Depending upon the intended use, and the budget you have, the model you will select within the selected brand may vary

a.    Beach and Underwater use: This is the severest test your metal detector will have to undergo and it is not designed for it, testing is like subjecting it to a death penalty.  Do not ever do it. Select the right equipment right at the start.

b.   Relic hunting: This is the fun use. You may select the basic models for your purpose. If you are doing your relic hunting on a beach, make sure that you select the right equipment

c.    Gold prospecting: Select the right equipment for it. You never know, your costs could be recovered in a single find

  1. Ease of use: You are going to carry this equipment with you for long periods. Make sure that you can hold it with ease. The weight of the metal detectors can very between 3.5 to 5 pounds and carrying it for long time is no fun. Hold the model you intend to purchase in your hand for at least 15 minutes in the shop and make sure that your hand is not subjected to unnecessary stress during that period.
  2. Basic features that you want in metal detector: This will depend on the use of the detector. Look around and grab some leaflets of various brands and go through them very carefully. The sit down and note each feature that you would like to have in your model
  3. Select a brand: Talk to one that knows about the science and art of metal detecting and has done it for long time now. If you have such a friend, it is an asset to you. Use this asset and decide the brand you are going to buy. Discus with the features you have in mind and know the pros and cons of the selected brand and selected model

That is it! Now flash your credit card and take the detector home and enjoy your weekend.


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