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The article traces the history of Dr. Fisher, a contemporary and disciple of Albert Einstein and gives information on the metal detector produced by Fisher laboratories.

Dr. Gerhard Fisher – Founder CEO of Fisher Lab

Dr. Gerhard Fisher was a learned man who studied up to Doctorate level in electronics. At that time transistors had not yet appeared on the scene and only the bulky valves were in use. The electronic equipments were bulkier and if you see them now you will definitely laugh at the volume of the equipment.

Dr. Fisher studied at the University of Dresden. He was in the forefront of inventing and had received the first patent of aircraft radio direction finders. Albert Einstein was also working in USA at that time. He was once invited to see the demonstration of equipment made by Dr. Fisher The inventor extraordinaire Albert Einstein was pleased with the equipment and at that time he remarked that the aircraft radio direction finders would find use in all the aviation related work in future.

Continuing with his invention, Dr. Fisher later saw that some of the pilots made the same mistake in the same area. This lead Dr. fisher to think that something in the area was related with the phenomenon. He realized that the magnetic conductance of the area was very high and this led him to invent the first metal detector.

Dr. Fisher observed that pilot errors were always associated with the metal objects coming between the sender and receiver of direction finding equipments. This lead him to believe that there must be some co-relation between the and if there was a co-relation Dr. Fisher wanted to find it out

After long research in the area, he made the first metal detector. Noteworthy is the fact that this research was conducted not at the well established laboratory, but inside a car garage and Dr. Fisher worked here with 4 of his employees.
When the first metal detector appeared on the scene, it was made of two large and heavy boxes. The first metal detector was named “Metalloscope”
Dr. Fisher was granted a patent for his device and the business of Dr. Fisher grew. Just then the Second World War came in and Dr. Fisher was involved in helping his country win the war.

The Metalloscope or M-Scope as it was nicknamed was soon used by many companies for various uses. It was used by utility companies for locating underground pipes and it still being used for that purpose even today.

Dr. Fisher continued to support the country for the war efforts by finding out many new things like radio communication systems, voltage detectors, cable fault locators, and geiger counters. Even during the war he did not neglect the company and it continued to make progress and invent new things.

Dr. Fisher retired in 1967 but the Fisher laboratory continued to give new metal detectors to the world using sophisticated technology.

Fisher lab has 28 metal detectors in the market today. It has three divisions looking after the hobby metal detectors, utility location equipments and the security equipments. The equipments are world class and are accepted by the hobbyists and professionals alike.


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