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The article gives you complete information about the white’s metal detectors.

The range and the uses it has been put to is tremendous and the article gives you the details

White’s Electronics Factory, U.K.

The factory of White’s electronic is located in Inverness, Scotland. They have a distribution network in Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia and Asia. These products are also available in USA through shops and online sales

Salient features of white’s metal detectors

The White’s metal detectors can be used for various purposes including serious work as mine detecting, prospecting for gold or just for fun on the beach. The same metal detector can be used for any of the purpose just by turning a switch and off you go on your intended work or fun.

Whites have a large number of models of metal detectors and the range varies from E series, matrix series, Prizm Series, and special purpose beach hunter ID, Surf Pro, and the most popular bullseye II Pinpointer

All the popular models have unique modes for use by the common persons. These modes are

Coin Jewelry mode: In this mode you can search the beach for jewelry that has been lost by other persons. This mode is available in many models
Prospecting mode: This mode is mostly used for gold prospecting and the mode is available in 6 models and is also very popular
Relic hunting mode: This mode is switch selectable and is also available in the models where the above two modes are available.
All metal pinpoint mode: With this mode you will be able to hear all the metals and used with the controls described below you will be able to distinguish between false alarm and detected metal
All popular models also have three more controls for ease of operation and use. These controls are easily adjustable and the controls allow fine tune your search

Gain control: It allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the unit and depth of search.
Dual control: With this control you can fine between you jewelry, relic hunting and with this you can ignore trash and hear all the intended targets
Threshold: This setting will give you a slight hum and you will be able to hear the distinct sound from detected targets
The other features of White’s metal detectors are,

The operating frequency of the models vary from 3 KHz to 48 KHz and the operating frequency will decide the purpose to which it can best be used.
Drop in battery box uses 8 AA batteries and most of models use this battery box except the SIERRA MADRE/ULA-3 which uses 4 C type batteries. Rechargeable batteries are standard on DFX and XLT models as standard and optional in case of all other models
Water proof eclipse coin of 9” diameter is available as extra for deep searching Other optional search coils are also available on demand
Stereo head phone jack is available on all models
The weight of all these models is about 3.5 to 5 pounds making them extremely portable and easy for operation
Cost of the White’s metal detectors: White’s metal detectors are available from low of $250 to a maximum of $1000. The cost will depend on the selected models and the optional attachment selected.

The most popular models of White’s metal detectors among beach hunters are Prizm V and Beach Hunter ID

The most popular use of the is for beach hunting where you can recover the cost if the metal detector in a single day and many persons have found gold necklaces, gold and silver ring, diamond rings and many other jewelry items besides gold and silver coins, pennies, military buttons and what not.

The value of the find is nothing compared to the joy of finding out something and this gives the l=holiday the special feeling that you will remember for your life. The value of such treasure cannot be counted in dollars and cents


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