Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


Treasure hunting is the habit you can start developing at any time in your life.

It does not require major physical effort. The article gives you an idea how to develop this habit.

The whole family can enjoy the fun of treasure hunting. It may not require a large investment at start, as you can rent out the equipment search for the weekend. But be warned the fun is addictive and more so when you find something ion your first search. Here is what you do to get started.

Hire Metal detectors

You are new to treasure hunting and do not wish to spend more money than you should because you not sure, no problem. Just go to any store that will hire the equipment for metal detecting. The charges will be about $140 per week or $70 for weekend. Know about the metal detector you have selected, read the manual and head for the nearest beach & start treasure hunting.

Best Possible Sites for Metal Detecting for Start

The area to look around when you are new, are the high tide line and the low tide lines. The 20 feet wide area around the tide lines is normally the best for finding the buried treasure. When you are new to treasure hunting avoid the area where you may possibly slip and fall down. You may ruin the meter and pay for it dearly.

When You Find Something

When you find something, note down what you have found, where you have found it, at what depth you have found it. If possible take a photograph of the article you have found and note all this information in your diary so that you will not forget it. Of course you are not going to forget your first find but by noting down, you are will have a record of your first treasure. YOU will also develop a good habit right from the start.

When You Decide to Purchase a Metal Detector

Agreed that you are hooked on to the treasure hunting right from your start as you have been lucky, and found a gold nugget in the first attempt or you are just hooked on to it because of the pleasure that hunting gave you. Do not go overboard on purchase of equipment immediately. Note all the available equipment and note the pros and cons of the equipment.

Talk to friends, go over to the enthusiast club get to know everything that is to know about equipment and then go for purchase. Treasure hunting is a matter of chance and also a matter of using the right equipment in the right way. So be a bit careful and you will continue to enjoy your equipment for a long time

What are the possible places for treasure hunting?

The treasure may be buried anywhere. You may get the treasure on the beach, in your back yard, deserted houses, in the fields, near the deserted roads, virtually everywhere. Make sure that the area is safe for you to approach and you are allowed to hunt there. Do not hunt on private properties unless the owner has allowed to it and you are ready to show the owner what you have found.

What not to do while treasure hunting

• No private property. Be prepared to give the booty to the owner or be tried for theft.
• No historic sites. Government is the owner here
• Do not keep the holes you have dug up uncovered.
• Do not litter at any place
• Do not leave the place without cleaning.


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