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The article deal with the issues involved in buying a used metal detector and gives you tips for buying a used metal detector.

By going through this article you will be able to get the used metal detector at low prices without getting cheated.

Why buy A Used Metal detector

There could be a number of valid reasons for buying of a used metal detector. Some of them are

  • Your present one is defective and you wish to buy a new one but do not have funds to buy a new one
  • You have seen an advertisement and see it as a good bargain
  • Some one known to you is selling the used one and you wish to buy a new one, but the terms are attractive
  • The model of metal detector you always wanted to have is available at an attractive quote
  • You wanted to upgrade your model but the up-gradation cannot be done and the up-graded one is available in market at an attractive quote

Where Used Detectors Are Available

You can get used detectors from many sources

  1. From the manufacturers: usually these are refurbished and the manufacturer may offer warranties just as a new product would have
  2. From the dealers: These may or may not be refurbished and you will have to ask the dealer if detector is working or otherwise
  3. From known persons: This is usually known by mouth to mouth advertising and the equipment may or may not be in working condition
  4. From the classified advertisements: The equipment may be offered on a as is basis and may not be in working condition

Consideration while buying a used detector

You should carefully look at the following things before you buy a used metal detector.

  • What is the intended use of metal detector? Prospecting? beach combing? Underwater? Souvenir hunting? The selected model giving you the intended service has to be carefully evaluated as you would do when buying a new metal detector.
  • Your budget: The budget has to be flexible so as to take advantage of available alternatives
  • The usual range for a new one is from $250 to $1000. The used ones are available at around 35% to 65% of the new price or sometimes even lower
  • Consider the proposal to buy one very carefully taking into account the tips given below
  • The preference should be given as detailed below so you do not get cheated out of your money
    1. Refurbished detector from manufacturer
    2. Refurbished detector from dealer
    3. Persons known to you
    4. Classified advertisements

Tips While Buying a Used Metal Detector

The following tips will be useful when you are out in the market to buy a used metal detector.

  1. Do not buy from the internet if you have just started you hobby. At the start of your new hobby, if you buy from internet and face problems with the detector you have bought, your enthusiasm for development of the hobby will vane over a period of time as the  detector you bought will work erratically and you will get frustrated.
  2. Buy only the known brands. If you buy the unknown brands, you may face problem when you have to repair or calibrate the metal detector. Servicing of unknown brands will also cost more for repairs
  3. Use the above mentioned market preferences when scouting for used detectors. It will give you the peace of mind after you have bought the detector.
  4. Get the buyers manual along with the metal detector and use the manual for some days to get familiarized with the model you have bought.
  5. Buy all the accessories (if they are in working condition) along with the piece you have bought. The accessories may be available cheaper when bought as a lot. Later on you may have to scout for accessories and they may not be available
  6. Make sure that all the warranties are transferable. Usually the manufacturer and the dealer give you the warranties in your name. in all other cases, the warranties may not be transferable.
  7. Ensure that you have a service support for the model you have purchased. A number of manufacturers not give service support for the older models
  8. Use common sense while purchasing. Do not go overboard on any issue like price, looks, and closeness of seller to you etc.


Thus you may buy a used metal detector and be happy with it if you follow the above precautions



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