Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


This article will give you tips for metal detecting so that your experience with your metal detector will be increased

10 Easy Tips for Metal Detecting

When you go on a metal detecting expedition, you can add to the excitement by adding up small things together so they fit in a snug way as total experience of your trips for metal detecting. You can start doing by doing small things and the bigger things will naturally follow.

·          Tip 1: Once you have detected something gold nugget, do not just be satisfied with a single nugget. Search that area very thoroughly. You will find rich pickings in the same area if you search carefully.

·          Tip 2: When you start searching an area, do not go just as you please. Make a grid pattern and cover the maximum area methodically so that you will be sure that no area is left unsearched.

·          Tip 3: Make small grids and if you are more than one person distribute the area. You may agree before hand on how you are going distribute to the pickings so there is no misunderstanding later. The picking can be share equally, or “finders keepers” basis. Or the finder getting 50% share and the rest being shared between others.

·          Tip 4: It is said that “Injuns come as a tribe” That is also true of coins. If you get one coin, stop and do a search with a fine tooth comb. You will get many more.

·          Tip 5: When you get coins, go to that area once again after it rains in the area, you will get more coins and get them easily. Some of them may also come to surface after the rains, you may not need your metal detector, and just a pair of eyes will do.

·          Tip 6: Indian head pennies will generally read as zinc at a depth around 4 inches.

·          Tip 7: When you go to a new site you would better go and work methodically and not cherry pick as someone calls it. Particularly if it is deserted spot, you may not get much by cherry picking, so be methodical and do waste your time.

·          Tip 8: If you go to spot regularly as site yields a good find, the law of diminishing marginal utility will start applying after some time. It is for you to know when to quit a site and go for a new site. A new site that is unexplored will be more exciting and the rule of one bird in hand being worth more than two in bush will not apply.

·          Tip 9: A pin-pointer is a good accessory to take with you. When you start digging you will get good help from the pin-pointer and your effort in finding out the treasure will definitely be reduced.

·          Tip 10: When you are finished, whether or not you have found something, always cover the hole you have made. That way you will not just be a good detector but a good citizen too. Being a good beats anything you have achieved and that only counts


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