Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


There are a number of manufacturers of metal detectors in USA.

The following article is not the direct comparison of the competing product but just the major offering from the manufacturers. Four manufacturers Compass, Garret, Fisher and Whites products are compared

Many Competing products – Large variety

Please note that this comparison would apply only to a hobbyist and the opinions can differ on each product. It is not the final opinion of the expert; it is just compilation of average opinions that is not biased.

Garret products

Garret Infinium is one of the latest products offered by Garret. The earlier product range was 1200 series up to the 2500 series. The Garret Infinium has received mixed response from the worldwide users. While the earlier product range was in the $900 to $1300 range, the Infinium is in the $20o0 to $2500 range. The major problem with the Garret metal detectors is the loud noise reported by many users. One of the users reported that 1220 series makes noise like magpies talking to one another.

Good build and good discrimination is the plus point as reported by many. The series 1200 to 2500 has a good potential for picking up the metals closer to the ground. The Garrett Super Scanner detector can detect a pistol from distance of 9" and small piece of jewelry.

Whites Products

Whites have the E series that was very popular, being replaced by the DFX and the XLT series. The Prizm Series from Prizm I to Prizm V have been introduced recently.
The Prizm V is accepted in the market as a good machine with no major complaints and lot of praises. The depth of search is however limited to about 9” to 12”. There are some complaints about the noise from the machine. The detector is priced around $500

Another machine DFX also received rave reviews with no major complaint. It is priced around $1100 to $1250. DFX seems to be the highest priced model in Whites range

Compass Products:

Compass does not seem to be a popular alternative in metal detection. The compass products are difficult to find and they do not get a good review. Compass Goldscanner seems to be a metal detector in demand and as is the case with every manufacturer there zealots for this detectors also who would not trade it for anything else.

Fisher Metal detectors:

Fisher supplies to the military and have 11 models for the hobbyists. Fisher 1270 seems to be a popular model for hobbyists and could be found on many reviews.
While the opinions of the actual user have been checked, it is possible that the user may have used the equipment in a different condition than others and it is also possible that the opinions may be colored by many factors, the quality of the equipment not being one of them. In one case I could find the Fisher lab metal detector being referred as CZ-70 whereas Fisher lab web site does not show the product as existing, it shows CZ-3D and other product as 1270. There is no mention of product as CZ-70.

So all the competing products seem to be working in the same way and there is no product the stands as the clear winner. The manufacturers also look similar and there is no clear winner among the manufacturers too.


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