Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


The article tells you about the buried treasures and tells you how the persons used to find buried treasures in the past, and now.

It also tells you how you might do it in future.

Buried Treasure

Buried treasure has been the subject of the dreams. There will hardly be any person who has not thought about the buried treasure or the stock market gains, or a million dollar win in Las Vegas. Everybody dreams it and why not? Everyone is out to make money for himself/herself and the methods be damned. In this dog-eat-dog world, if the only way anyone can make money without hurting others, is finding the buried treasure. No wonder people go an extra length for finding out the buried treasure.

Finding Buried Treasure – The Past Practice

Since it is the subject of dreams, persons depend on dreams to provide the clue for finding a buried treasure. To appease the Gods a sacrifice is often given. In some civilizations (?), the human sacrifice is not uncommon to appease the God in order to find a buried treasure.

The old wives’ tales is another important source of indication of buried treasure. These tales may be no more than figment of someone’s imagination and if someone finds buried treasure by chance, the formula becomes the ultimate rule in finding the treasures. No one keeps the failures in subsequent efforts, just the successes are remembered.

The gold rush of the eighteenth century is point in showing the hold on peoples mind about the treasures. Many persons have left their families and went ahead with finding gold in far away places never to be seen once again.

Buried Treasures – The Practice Now

With advent of scientific principles on metal detecting, the persons are out with the tools provided to them by science and art of treasure hunting as given to them through the earlier generations. Many persons have lost their gold ornaments while traveling and these ornaments become the treasure for the present generation of treasure hunters.

You will find these treasure hunters trying to find gold on beaches, underwater, on hills and all other places imaginable. Many of them have achieved unprecedented success and thus the tribe is increasing

There are others who work with maps and the GPS in trying to find out gold lost when ships carrying gold sunk without leaving a trace. Gold hunters are here with modern tools of trade and lot of hope on their minds. The new generation of also have achieved success and what a success it was! Generations after generations of the successful individuals will talk about the success.

Gold Prospecting – The Future way

Future gold prospectors will depend more and more on technology. The search is still on for finding the buried treasure. Now the satellites are being put to use for this purpose. GPS (global positioning satellite) and GPR (ground penetrating radar) are being put to use. Presently only the dry areas of earth are under scanned and the depth of search is limited to 3 meters, but soon the things will improve and the second gold rush will start.

The second gold rush may eliminate the buried treasure completely. Will you be there when the second gold rush starts


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