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The article traces the history of Garret metal detectors and the products of the company

Largest manufacturer in - US Garret metal Detectors

Garret Metal detectors are the largest manufacturer of metal detectors in USA and are going to become the world’s largest manufacturer of the metal detection equipments soon. The company has been recently featured in “Made In America” shows hosted by John Ratzenbergers. This show is quite popular among the TV viewers. Mr. Ratzenbergers makes “Made in America” to honor the men and women who are first generation entrepreneurs and skillfully make the products that are the pride of America.

The Modest Start by Company

Garret metal detectors started manufacturing detectors way back in 1964. Viewed by the age it is a relatively your company with an age of just 42 years, but in these 42 years it has grown to be America’s biggest in manufacture of metal detectors. For the first 21 years or so the company started manufacture of only the hobby metal detectors and it only in the last 21 year or so that the company has started manufacture of all types of metal detectors including walk through detectors. The design of walk through detectors is done in-house. They now make SuperScanner hand-held and MagnaScanner walk-through metal detectors.

Brief history of Company & Products

• In 1964 Garrett introduced The Hunter to the market. It was the best metal detector to be used by the hobbyists and it quickly became popular as many persons made a fortune from it.
• Garret set up the first trade show and a number of treasure hunters are attracted it as bees to a honey pot.
• The first distributor outlet is set up in Spokane, Washington. It is named Bowen's Hideout", a store owned by Harry and Lucille Bowen.
• The oscillator is replaced by crystal and the metal detection becomes an exact science and a good art at the same time.
• The search coil drift is eliminated by a new invention. The zero drift compelled many others to close the shop.
• Garrett Electronics, Inc. is created on April 1, 1970.
• Garret detectors commission the new 15,000 sq ft facility in 1971
• 1976 VLF detectors are introduced in market
• 1978 first International distributor commissioned in London
• Garret is instrumental in founding International Society of treasure hunters in 1979 and a biggest ever convention of treasure hunter takes place in USA. $100,000 distributed as prizes in the convention.
• 1980 A free newsletter starts from the Garret house. Even today it is popular as it gives tips for treasure hunting.
• FBI invites Garret to train the FBI agents and garret introduces microprocessors in metal detection
• 1984 Olympics use the first walk through metal detectors by Garret. In all 60 walk-through detectors and 1,000 of Garrett's G2 Enforcer, are supplied at no cost to the Olympic Games along with free training in use of the equipment.
• Garret is associated with most of Olympics later on.
• Garrett industries introduce the ACE series - advanced, and low-cost metal detector.
Thus Garret is the innovator extraordinaire. May his tribe prosper!!


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