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Many tall building have multiple entrances and requirement of security of various buildings vary.

The article discusses the issues involved in putting up metal detectors on all entrances.

Building Security – Is Metal Detector the Answer?

Urban land space is becoming very scarce and costly. Because of this the floor space index in each city is on increase and tall buildings are the norm in all the metros of the world.

The race is on for the tallest building of the world. In this scenario, the building security becomes the hotly debated issue particularly after 9/11 when two of the tallest buildings of USA were destroyed.
Since many persons work there, it is not possible to physically search every one entering the building. High speed walk through metal detector may be a part of the answer.

Issues involved in Small Building Security

There are a number of issues in establishing the security of building particularly the tall buildings. Smaller building can have adequate security as the number of persons working here are not large and it is possible to have the check on activities of persons working here to ensure that their activities are not prejudicial to security of the building and persons. A simple walk through metal detector may suffice for the entire building.

Issues involved in Tall Building Security

A security issue in tall buildings is a different issue, as the number of persons entering or leaving at any time during the day is large and the numbers of entrances to the building are many. The rush during the start and close of office of office hours is very high and it is impossible to do a physical search of all the persons entering and leaving the building.

The costs involved in installing the walk through metal detector at each entrance are within the budget of each building. The metal detectors have to be linked to a central computer where photograph the person incoming can be recorded and compared to the data base available with the security agencies and also with the national data base for finding out if a particular person is a threat to the security building
This way the metal detectors and photographing the entrants can be a boon to security of building. The national data base and the building can be hooked up together and compared online to nab the possible culprit.
On the other hand if a new person enters a building he cannot be apprehended if there are no charges against the person. The database of persons working in the building and a check on their antecedents can be helpful in location a person with a criminal bent of mind.

Other Considerations Installing of Metal detectors

The cost is a major factor in the installation of metal detectors. Small building where the in-rush is low cannot afford the cost. These buildings do not need the metal detectors as other means are equally effective. The tall buildings that can afford the metal detectors are wary of fitting the same as it does not afford total security by installation of metal detectors.

A combination of other security measures and a check on the activities of the building occupants and a completely automated system for entry, so that only the visitors are screened becomes more effective than just the instillation of metal detectors at the entrance.

Shopping complexes have to keep the doors open by virtue of nature of their business, at the same time have to keep the eyes open for entry of unruly elements and this is best done through high speed metal detectors and alert security staff.


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