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The article gives you details on how the professional metal detectors differ from the amateur metal detectors and the additional facilities available in professional metal detectors.

Make Money through professional Metal Detectors

The major way in which the professional differs from the amateur is, it is used for making money for its owner on a consistent basis. Hence the reliability of the equipment has to be high and the servicing facilities have to be at beck and call. The cost of equipment and maintenance costs are also high.

Difference between Amateur and Professional Detectors

Apart from the difference that has already been given above, there are many differences between the professional and amateur metal detectors.

• The depth of field of is much higher in case professional metal detectors. While the depth of armatures can locate metals up to about 6 to 10 inches at the most, the professional metal detector can locate metals buried up to about 10 feet.

• The discrimination power of professional metal detector is better. The interference from the other metals at various levels can be suppressed in case of professional metal detector. This is not possible in case of detectors that hobbyists use.

• Search coils in case of professional detectors have a larger area of coverage. In case of amateur or hobbyist detectors, it is restricted to the area of coil.

• The professional metal detector can locate treasures of all kinds at the flick of switch and the detectors have possibility of changing the search coil. This facility may not be available in the detectors art the lower end of spectrum

• Most of the professional metal detectors use the VLF technology. Some of them use PI (pulse Induction) but the BFO (Beat Frequency Oscillator) is never used in the professional metal detectors. A new change in PI technology has been made recently and this is known as Advanced Pulse Induction™ (API) Technology and is being marketed by Garret Industries.

• Sure enough, the professional metal detectors do not find the metals “accidentally. And that is the main difference in the amateur and the professional metal detectors.

The professional that use the professional equipments for metal detection are Security staff, military personnel, Police, construction persons, building site developers, maintenance personnel, utility personnel, and survey and mapping personnel. All of them try to locate the items of their interest. There are some professional that help all the above in locating the item of the interest. In all these cases the accessories can be changed so that the known item of interest can be found easily and quickly. The accessories can be metal specific and the tuning of the detector has also to be metal specific.

Since the same equipment has to be used for locating various items, the range of the metal detector has to be high.
Some of the persons have started as amateurs and then have become professional quickly. Imagine what would have happened if the professional metal detectors were available during the gold rush of the eighteen hundreds. Every one in USA would have become at least billionaires by now. (If wishes were horses, we would have ridden them – so goes English saying, remember it?)


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