Metal Detectors & Treasure Hunting


The article describes why underwater treasure hunting is a delightful experience and how to choose under water metal detectors and accessories and care for it.

Treasure hunt - Best done Underwater with Metal Detectors

Not many persons venture underwater and one that really does, is entitled to all the booty that he/she can get. It is like going to Las Vegas and coming back with a million dollar jackpot from the slot machine. That is what the dreams are made of!The possibility of getting a good return from an underwater metal detectors are very high as the traffic here is low and the determined one always gets his/her share.

When and How to Select Underwater Detector

You will probably select an underwater metal detector if,
1. If you live near a beach or river. The chances of a bounty are more on hunting expedition rather then a river expedition
2. If you are a serious hunting enthusiast and you will not know where your hunting expedition will take you next
3. If you think that your metal detector will be damaged with water and wish to take precautions against it.

When you select the underwater metal detector and the accessories, be careful about the accessories since the metal detector will have been designed for underwater use anyway. Since you cannot say the same thing about the accessories, ask the dealer and confirm if the accessory is designed for underwater use and if so up to what depth.

Better is to purchase the accessories that have been certified for use by the manufacturer. In case the manufacturer makes the auxiliaries, give preference to it.

Care of Underwater Metal Detectors and Auxiliaries

• The manufacturer gives you the operating manual along with the equipment if it is possible get the manual printed on a waterproof paper with a waterproof ink (if it is not done already). Get the essential information also printed on a waterproof similarly.
• Remove the water on outside of the equipment as early as possible and dry the equipment with cloth. Do not use blower or any other water repellent chemicals as the heat from the blowers may damage the PVC or other parts of the detector
• After complete drying store the equipment in the original container in which it came.
• Never open the metal detector parts unless the manufacturer has said that you can open it. While opening the battery compartment be extra careful as the possibility of damage to the equipment starts from here
• Never ever try to repair the metal detector your self. Doing so you may be paying for the repairs and also the damage done by you while trying to repair.
• Never subject the metal detector to bumping. Even a minor crack to the equipment will ask for major repairs

One of good underwater metal detector developed by the garret industries is the Garrett Infinium LS underwater Metal Detector. This detector uses a new Advanced Pulse Induction™ (API) Technology and there are many advantages to be gained from the use of this technology. The metal detector can be taken any place and used as effectively for all types of hunting. The price of the metal detector is $1100 to 1250


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