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Why would anyone rent a truck?

Perhaps when he/she has to move household goods for transfer of assets from one place to another a truck will be rented. How to rent a truck? Please read on

Renting a Truck for Movement of household goods

Those in the transferable service would have faced this dilemma very often. After you are transferred to a new place the first thing that comes to your mind is renting a truck and moving the household good across to the new place where you are transferred.  You might say just call the packers and movers and be done with it.

This is easily said than done. The care that you take in collecting valuable goods is reflects in your living standard. You do not want these goods damages while transporting. Hence you rent a truck for moving these goods.

When you rent a truck for your use, you wish to have this done at the lowest cost and highest safety for your goods. For this you should

·        Plan in advance. Your plans should start at least 6 weeks in advance so that you have sufficient time in booking a truck.

·        You will find that the trucking companies are busy moving goods at the end of month and also during the week ends. If your shifting also coincides with Truck Company’s busy schedule, be sure that they will charge you more for the same thing. If you have flexibility in schedule, you get the benefit when you rent a truck.

·        Find out what are the charges of different renting companies. You will find that one company charges you more than the other. Truck companies never have the same rate for the same destination. This happens as their routes are designed to carry goods over fixed routes

·        The packers and movers are expected to take care of all your goods and pack them nicely so that the goods cannot be damaged during transit.

·        By far the best way to find a truck renting company is to get the opinion of friends and relatives staying in your area and depend on their experiences.

·        Let the trucking company also find the insurance for your goods. The insurance companies mostly offer the same rates and same service in a given area and the after claim service is also generally same.

·        In any case you are going to a new area and if necessary lodge the claim for insurance at the new place of residence. Please ensure that you may not have to go very long distances to lodge your claim at the new place. So get the address of the insurance company office at the new area.

·        If the truck renting company offers drop and hook service it is preferable to opt for it. With this service your rented truck will be at the new destination by Friday evening. The driver will leave and return to drive away empty truck on Monday morning. However make sure that the rented truck is empty by Monday morning otherwise the waiting charges will be heavy

Moving your car may be different ball game altogether. Most truck renting companies offer specialized transport for cars and the car can move inside a rented truck and at the other end it can just roll off.


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