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Business equipment leasing is a great way to start a new business; there are many advantages with leasing than with outright buying. Read about leasing here.

Start Business with Leased Equipments

When you are entering a business for the first time or starting with a new line of business, finance is always a problem. There are a number of expenses that have to be provided for and some expenses that you have not provided crop up.

You are always on a tight budget and looking for ways for reducing your start up expenses. You also wish to start up with best of equipments and best of equipments cost lot of money. You have to provide for the office space, office decorations, computers, networking, desks and chairs for your employees and what not. All these can run in to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But the problem is you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have the expertise but not the money. You need not wring your hands in despair. You can now start your business with a minimum of capital expense and without the risk of obsolescence. You can lease your business equipments

Advantage Business Equipment Leasing

With business equipment leasing firms you can get on lease the following kind of equipments and more. Just ask them and you can set up your office and start work tomorrow. If you are expecting to work on an e-office, you can start within next hour or two.

The other advantages are

1.      You do not have to look through the quotations received from market sift through lot of brochures and then decide what is best for you. You just ask for it, see it, and get it. The time saved can be better utilized for more rewarding business.

2.      You save on your initial expenses. The costly equipments come to you at about 2 to 5% of initial cost. You can start your business and pay as you earn. You require no running around for getting a loan. You also save on time for getting a loan. You can start earning from the day one.

3.      The leasing company will also provide for setting up and starting the equipments and will make sure it is in working order, so that you do not have to worry of upkeep of equipment. Just one phone call and all your maintenance problems including warranty maintenance if any will be attended or you do not pay for the lease.

4.      Your equipments are in working order from day one. No more of those teething troubles that are part of any business. You already have enough on your hands to bother about equipment malfunction. With the equipments in correct working order all the time your business can prosper quickly than would be the case otherwise.

5.      You save on your taxes that you pay to the government. While the bought out equipment you can qualify for the depreciation for the equipment, with lease, you can qualify for 100% payment for lease. It works out like this. At best, your equipment cost is distributed over say 10 years and depreciation spread over 10 years. What you save is the tax on 10% payment that can be miniscule of 3% on an expenditure of 100 dollars. When you give $3 as lease payment, you get all the $3 as deduction for payment on taxes. So you get a low payment and a 100% deduction on taxes too. You can get the following equipments on lease

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive Shop Equipment
  • Computer Networking Equipment and peripherals
  • Construction Equipment of all types
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Dental/Medical Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Miscellaneous Equipment not covered above


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