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The articles gives you the basics of why people do lease a helicopter for short term or long term and what are the advantages of helicopter leasing over buying one.

Short term Solution - Helicopter leasing

Assume for a moment that you are a Hollywood producer wanting to make new movie as a sequel to the original movie featuring among other things an Apache helicopter and the last minute fights over the sea. How you will you go about it? Would you buy the helicopter outright, or would like to request your friend to lend you one or hire a helicopter or lease one?

Imagine another scene where you are the top industrialist with a wide bodied jet plane of your own and you require another one to ferry you for about 2 years to ferry you from the nearest airport to a small town where you are building up a new plant with an air strip that can land your wide body jet.  You will either purchase a helicopter or you may even lease a helicopter.

Leasing a helicopter will have many advantages. May be if you are a top industrialist or a movie produces you will already know that leasing a helicopter makes better sense and your Chief Financial Officer will just nod his head when you think of leasing a helicopter.

The CFO will just nod his head not because he/she is your yes man, but knows the business very well and knows about the benefits of leasing the helicopter instead of purchasing one and taking on more liabilities that your organization can handle.

Advantages of Helicopter Leasing

The advantages of leasing are well known they are reduced taxes, reduced outflow of capital, reduced administrative costs and increased use of the available assets. These advantages are well known and are being used all over the world effectively. There is no point in repeating what is already known to the accounting professionals.

Uses of Helicopters

Helicopters are used in many area including

·          VIP Air Taxi

·          Corporate Charters

·          Offshore Oil Exploration Helicopter Support

·          Under slung Load Lifting

·          Aerial Calibration

·          Aerial survey during calamities

·          Freight Transportation

·          Marine Salvage operations (including personnel rescue)

Helicopters Available for Lease

1.      Apache Helicopter: Apache is a helicopter developed by Boeing Company (Formerly McDonnell Douglas) and has been utilized in many wars that USA has fought. It is also a good helicopter for other purposes including transportation of executives. It is also a favorite with movie makers as it has exceptional stability.

2.      The Eurocopter AS365N2 Dauphin: This is another popular helicopter in use for Emergency Search and Rescue, Offshore Medical Support, News Gathering, general Passenger Charter helicopter, and Oil Support. It is a big helicopter with a 12 passenger capacity. It is also used for transportation of towers by the electricity companies. The capacity of helicopter is 2000 Kg

3.      The Eurocopter AS355F2: This is a smaller version of the helicopter above but is as good. With a capacity of 5 persons, it is well suited for executive transport. It is also used for crop protection, aerial spraying, filming and many other jobs. It can be adopted to lifting of loads up to 1400 pounds.


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