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The article is about a leasing company and it gives you the details about the company. You will get many advantages from working with Penske Equipment leasing

Free Your Capital with Penske Equipment Leasing

In starting any business the capital employed and the working capital are the main heads of headache for any budding entrepreneur. The higher the capital employed, the lesser is the available working capital and vice versa. Working capital is the blood that flows in your business and will keep your business thriving. The capital that you put is also required but it is the working capital that multiplies your money fast. If you can find a way of reducing capital employed without reducing the size of business you have found a winner.

A Good Starting Block - Penske Equipment Leasing

With Penske, you are on the winning track already. With reduced capital requirement you have converted your capital into working capital and you are on a path of multiplying profits. The advantages to be gained from Penske Equipment leasing are,

1.      Reduced capital requirement and increased working capital: We have already covered the topic above and will not repeat it here once again.

2.      Penske can take care of leased trucks as they are professional in this business for the last 30 years and the experience is available to you at no cost. The dogged determination vision, ingenuity, and refinements are come to you as part of your leased equipment.

3.      The data of vehicles is captured through “Data capture lifetime vehicle performance” through Penske’s ServiceNet™

4.      Feed back on component failure is given o OEMs and equipment manufacturers and what you get is the trouble free equipment, as a result of the feed back.

5.      Penske monitors the engine performance data on leased vehicles so that the engine performance and consumables like fuel and engine oils are kept within limits

6.      Penske monitors and tweaks the performance of its technicians and trains them wherever necessary so see that the technicians give you the best possible service at the least costs.

7.      You can take advantage of volume buying power provided by Penske. This will reduce your recurring expenditure to a great degree.

Along with these specialized benefits of working with industry leader you also get the number of benefits that are common to the leasing industry. These benefits are,

·        With the capital requirements reduced, you can use this capital for betterment of your business. The higher working capital available with you, you can use your cash reserves more efficiently and get more profits out of it.

·        Reduced taxes: The payment made to a leasing company is a tax deductible expense and therefore you reduce the incidence of taxes on your profit.

·        The equipment is available to you in good working order al the time at a minimal cost so you can get more profit than the competing companies that have purchased the trucks and other assets outright.

·        The expenses become more predicable. Your control on your business is better with predictable expenses and you can plan for your future as you like it.

·        Since the maintenance costs are not part regular expenditure, you save a lot of money on this account.

·        You get the equipments that are current and not outdated. This way you reduce the risk of obsolescence.


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