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Auto renting is an activity that we take for granted.

In this article we give you tips about renting a car. We also give you some dos and don’ts

The Economics of Auto Renting

The economics of auto renting in a new place is simple. You pay for the car you drive and auto renting company takes care of the rest.  Although in end the customer pays for everything, absence of responsibility of maintenance and other costs work great if you are renting a car in a new place. The beauty is you can rent a different car every day as per your desire and use it as if it is your own car.

The Availability of Rented Autos All Over USA

The only thing you may need for renting your car is the driving license and your credit card, driving license to prove your identity, and credit card for paying the rent. You may not need either of them if you have a contract with auto renting agency. Rented autos are available all over USA and you can get a car of your choice just for asking (and of course making the payment).

Cost of Renting an Auto

The cost will depend on many factors and will be fixed in advance of driving of with the vehicle. The factors are

1.      Size and of type car

2.      Gas and mileage charges

3.      Duration of renting - longer the duration, less charges per day

4.      Insurance cover that you select

5.      Drop off and pick up charges

6.      Time of week and season when you take  the car

7.      Waivers (CDW/LDW)


Normally the tank is full when you drive off and you are expected to return it with a full gas tank. You might be charged more than comparative costs at a gas station

Some Dos for Auto Renting

When renting an auto, please know the charges in advance. Although all charges are made as per the agreed rates, there may be some surprises if you overlook the contract. These surprises may be or may not be acceptable to you later, but you will have to pay. Hence read the fine print.

Other dos you will keep in mind are

·          Check what is available and what you require and match them carefully

·          Larger cars come at a fancy rent. The rent increases exponentially with the fancy cars.

·          Look at the cut rates and examine them carefully to find out the real rates. The real rates may be carefully camouflaged by the sales talk in the offer. Remember the greatest of car maker had said “There is no free lunches in a free economy”

·          Check the insurance cover PAI, PEC, CDW, LDW are some of the acronyms you have to get acquainted with before renting an auto.

·          Ask for the emergency road service and do get the telephone number of the service.

·       Do wear seat belts all the time and ask every one in your car do it.

Now some don’ts

·          Do not leave valuable in your car especially when you give it back. Chances of return of valuable depend on the next person using it.

·          Do not drive under influence of drug or alcohol. You may have to pay for every thing including damages on your car if the insurance company refuses to pay for it.

·          Common curtsey and common sense are valuable everywhere, more so when you drive a rented car.


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