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ODC Trailer leasing is a specialized business.

Not every one wants a trailer that is rated for four hundred tones. The requirement is specialized and the equipment availability is also required to be considered in big projects.

Big Projects Require Leasing of Big Trailers

If you have ever been to a construction site of a big power plant or a nitrogenous fertilizer plant you will be able to see very big trailers. These trailers are required to handle ODC (over dimensioned consignments) packages. These can be reactors of fertilizer plants extending to more than 100 meters, or the power plant generators of weight more than 400 to 650 tons (imagine a single piece of equipment weighing more than 1.5 million pounds)

Transportation of ODC requires Leased Trailers

These trailers are not available with every transporter. These trailers are to be leased from specialized truck leasing companies and contracts are require to be made years in advance. If you do not plan the transportation of ODC material your project costing more than a billion dollars can be delayed and you will be required to pay a large amount. Very few construction companies in the world can afford to have these trailers on their asset list. So they have to be leased and leased in advance.

ODC Trailers require Special Handling

These trailers leased to the construction companies for years together require special handling and are damp leased. The crew cannot afford to get away from the leased trailer. The fueling arrangements of these leased trailers are also special. The trailer cannot go to the filling station. The filling station has to come to the trailer. The crew operating the trailer also looks after the maintenance of the leased trailer

Driving Arrangement of ODC Trailers

Most of the trailers are pulled fro the front of the trailer and the pulling force is generally sufficient. Where the slope of ground requires pushing from behind a separate driving head has to accompany each trailer so as to be able to push the trailer from behind.

The front and rear driving heads come as a combined unit and the company leasing these equipments does not generally have a choice. Most of the time, the trailer is leased for the entire duration of the project, and kept at site for 2 to 3 years depending upon the duration of the project.

Insurance of Leased Trailers

The insurance of the trailers and the associated paraphernalia of leased trailer is the responsibility of the construction company and the insurance of crew is also included in the package of leased trailer.

Lessee Holds All Aces In ODC trailer Leasing

Thus when it comes to leasing of trailers for handling of ODC packages it is all for the construction company to cater to the whims of the leasing company. The construction company normally does not have a choice as its future depends on the lessee providing the equipment at the right time and at the right place. Any delay in providing the equipment can mar the success of project

In other words if you happen to be the owner of an ODC trailer, you can dictate terms worldwide. There is no competition in this field worldwide and very few firms lease this kind of trailers.


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