Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools


If you live in a jungle and require water to be pumped to your house with no electricity or the diesel, all you have to do is to install hydraulic ram pumps.


Use Hydraulic Rumps When in Jungle

If you wish to live in jungle in tranquility, the minimum you will require is a home and safety. Home you can build your self, but how about safety. If you wish to get water in the dead of night (with all those dangerous creatures of night roaming around you) how will you get out of your hut?



 Relax! You can get running water here too. Human beings have conquered the earth with just their brain and you have a solution. Use Hydraulic ram pumps.

Easy Pumping With No Power – Hydraulic Ram Pumps

With hydraulic ram pumps you do not require anything,

  • Just a source of water near the place you live, and
  • Pipe line from pump to your hut

No electricity, or diesel engine, just nothing. It works on the force of water that flows downhill. If you calculate the efficiency of the pump, it might not exceed 2 or 3%, but who is bothered about the efficiency when you require water at all costs?

The hydraulic ram pumps use the force of running water. The momentum of water is used to pump small quantities of water uphill.

Requirements of Hydraulic Ram Pumps

For using the hydraulic ram pumps, you require a source of water located near the point of use. You have a line from the source of water to the pump and from pump to your hut. That’s it. No electricity no diesel engine. Magic it is not?

Once you line up the pump and the pipe inlet and out let lines, the pump has a valve at the out let of line from source to the pump opens. As water starts flowing through the line the water velocity increases and when it reaches the maximum value, the valve closes quickly.

The quick closing of valve generates a pressure wave in the line. This wave has the capacity to break the line if you close the end of pipe lines.

But the high force generated opens up a second valve in the pipeline and delivers water to you where you want it delivered. Hey presto! You get water without any power consumption.

As the pressure wave in the pipe line subsides, the second valve gets closed and the first valve open once again. The process gets repeated many times and you continue to get running water in your hut. What you do not get is only the water pumping bills.

A small amount of noise from the valves is the only indication that the pump is working. Otherwise you only see the pump and the incoming and out going lines. Some one may wonder if you are yet to connect electricity sypply.

The delivery pipe can rise some distance above both the pump and the source of the water. For example, if the pump is 10 feet below the pond, the delivery pipe might be up to 100 feet above the pump.

The wastage of water is the only disadvantage in this type of pump. In any case, who is bothered about the water that is going to flow downhill anyway?