Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools


Some of the hydraulic tools required by a DIY enthusiast are described in this article.


All these are low cost tools that a DIY enthusiast can keep in the work-shop.

Help in DIY Work-shops – Hydraulic Tools

The enjoyment that you get in making something and being proud of it, in essence is the motivation in any DIY workshop. The tools are just help in changing something unusable into something usable.



Some tools help you in holding something so that when you are working on it, the work piece will not move. Hydraulic tools are great in this respect.  Compared to a screw press, a hydraulic press offers you a firm hold and more convenience.Following are the tools that you may wish to keep in your workshop. These hydraulic tools offer you flexibility and good working conditions.

Hydraulic Pumps: This is a primary tool in work shops. Without this nothing will work. Starting with a small stroke of 5/8”, largest stroke can be up to 10 inches. The capacity can be from 5 tons up to 100 tons. Normally for a DIY enthusiast, a 10 ton pump would be adequate. It can also be used for maintenance of your car. The pump normally comes as a unit with hose, pressure gauge, and gauge adopter.

Valves: Valves allow you to change the direction of hydraulic force. This becomes useful when you wish work on different work pieces and hold all of them using the same pump. The valves are available as 2 way, 3 way or 4 way valves. These can be manual operated or solenoid valve operated. For a DIY person, the manual valves are more than sufficient.

C  Clamps, arbor press, or Bench press: The holding work is easily carried out in any one of the three holding equipment. If you wish to have to apply some force this can be very useful. Sometimes just light force needs to be applied while repairing something (a DIY enthusiast will have experienced this some time or the other). In such cases, the C clamp, or arbor press is very useful.

Pullers: When removing bearing you need the bearing pullers. You can have a screw operated puller, but the operation would require two persons. But with help of hydraulic pullers you can remove bearing without external help, as clamping and puling is done with a single puller.

Pipe bender: Pipe bender is a great tool for a DIY enthusiast. Instead of using the hand benders and trying to hold the job with one hand and bending the pipe with other, the hydraulic pipe bender can do both work at the same time. You just have to control the pipe you bend and apply hydraulic pressure as per your requirement.

Pipe Cutters: Do not use that hack saw any more. Hydraulic pipe cutters work quickly and the edges clean. The pipe ends need no more filing with hydraulic pipe cutters.  You just need to bevel the pipe for welding them together.

Hole punching: You can punch holes in a sheet metal or make indentations for fitting other component with the hole punch. This is a great tool instead of a drilling machine. The job is done quickly.
Hydraulic bolting attachment and wedge spreaders: These are useful tools for a DIY enthusiast.
So you can se that a DIY enthusiast can use a number f hydraulic tools and reduce the work load.