Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools


The articles tells you why hydraulic tables are used and what care should be taken while using the hydraulic lift tables


Production Enhancers - Hydraulic Lift Tables

The hydraulic Lift tables are good as a tool in increasing production. The article gives you the advantages of the hydraulic lift tables and some ideas in purchase of hydraulic lift tables for DIY enthusiast.

Types of Hydraulic Lift Tables


Hydraulic lift tables come in many forms. They can be part of assembly line or can be a separate unit that can be wheeled to any place you like. With a lowered work table you can transport your material safely as the center of gravity is lowered and there is very less danger of the material failing off the table. The hydraulic lift tables are also good for a DIY work shop as many jobs can be performed with the table.

Advantages of Hydraulic Lift Table

Hydraulic lift table increases work by bringing the work to the work table instead of the worker bending down to lift the job that he/she is required to attend. The DIY enthusiast is not required to bend to lift the job, and this reduces the possibility of back injury, which might result from wrong lifting of loads. Thus the possible loss in work days prevented and this alone is responsible for increased enjoyment for a DIY enthusiast.

The hydraulic work tables can be straight lift table or a scissor type lift table. It can also be a single plunger type or multiple plunger type. Multiple plunger lift tables can support higher loads and are more stable then the single plunger table

When You Purchase a Hydraulic Lift Table

There are many things you consider before you purchase a hydraulic lift table.

1.      The first and foremost is the portability of table. If you are a DIY enthusiast you would do well to purchase a movable table for yourself. This will be useful to in wheeling your load from one place to another and working without bending your back.

2.      The working height of the table: The working eight of the table is to adjustable between 27 inches to 33 inches. This height is comfortable for most persons to work.

3.      Since the work is light, a DIY person would require only a single cylinder platform. The multi cylinder or the scissor platform would not interest a DIY enthusiast.

4.      When you work on a hydraulic lift table, there is a possibility that the work may roll off the table on the other side. A small railing of about 2 inches would be a great idea if you think that work might roll off.

5.      The working platform can be either painted or made of stainless steel depending on the type of you do in your DIY workshop. If you handle chemicals, it would not be a great idea to have a painted platform. In that case you may have to go for just the stainless steel platform.

The cost of hydraulic table varies from about $100 to 1000 for a DIY enthusiast. Considering that you are working primarily for your household and also for enjoyment that you get from the work, the investment in the hydraulic lift table is a great idea for a DIY person.