Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools


Hydraulic lifts are normally used in ware-housing work and other places.


Such lifts are capable of being automated and running from a computer for recovery of material from a warehouse. The article describes how this can be done.

Various Uses of Hydraulic Lifts

Lifts can be used in many places where the material is to be moved vertically over a shorter distance. Some of the older buildings had hydraulic lifts.


 Hydraulic lifts were also used in hospitals where a jerk less operation of lift is essential as incase of a patient who has been operated and cannot be moved with jerks. However the use of hydraulic lifts for personal transportation vertically is getting reduced as modern elevators are coming up with high speed and silent operation.

Current Uses of Hydraulic Lifts

Currently hydraulic lifts are being used in vertical transportation of cars in garage or in warehousing for material transport. The stacking with hydraulic lifts can be done 2 high or 3 high. Because of ease with which the hydraulic lifts can be automated, it finds extensive in warehousing.

Hydraulic Lifts in Warehousing

The hydraulic lifts in warehousing do not have to be specially made. These are normal hydraulic lifts with a track below them so that these lifts can be made to travel from one place to another on the tracks.

Generally all the warehousing is done on the basis of “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Since the place for each item is decided and you can find the item in its place, the item can be retrieved from the place without looking for the item.

Computerized software stores the location of the item and sends out signal for the hydraulic lift. The lift goes in to the position and picks up the item and brings it to the delivery bay so that it can be delivered. It can also take the item from the unloading bay and deliver it to its place in the warehouse. Thus a single person can take care of the entire warehouse for storing and retrieving various items.

Hydraulic Car Lift

If you were working in an auto garage 100 years back chances are you might have seen, a person crawling below the car to make repairs or the car going on a ramp just to make sure that the underside can be inspected properly. With the help of hydraulic car lifts it is now possible to see the underside of your car without going in to a tunnel or crawling below your car. Just put the car into hydraulic lift and see the under side. If you garage is full of cars and has no space to keep the cars on the ground, you can use the hydraulic car lifts and make space for mechanics to work more easily. It does not matter if you repair cars or light commercial vehicle, you can always find a hydraulic lift designed for the weight of your car or truck.

However when you use the hydraulic car lift for inspection or just storage of cars, it is necessary to see that the lift has locking system for the raised car to be in the same position. Failure to do so might be catastrophic. The raised car may come down on the mechanic or on the car stored be damages. In the latter case, both the cars may be damaged, the bottom one more than the top one. A mechanical stop is the best one to prevent this.