Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools


The article gives you idea of hydraulic equipments every day and how you can use them effectively for getting maximum benefit out of it.


What Hydraulic Equipment We See every day

Many of us would have seen a dump truck, or a hydraulic refuse compactor, a front end loader and the equipment like this. How many times have stopped and though about how the life would have been without these equipments. It would have been a very tedious life with full of manual labor without a dump truck, or a smelly life without a hydraulic refuse compactor.



How Hydraulic Equipments Work

The equipments work on a simple principle known as Pascal’s Law which says, “In a pressured system hydraulic pressure is same at all points in the system” Now if you have a small pump of 1 inch diameter and develop a pressure to 100 pounds per square inch and the system is connected to another cylinder of 100 inches. The pressure developed in the system will be 100 pounds per square inch. It will be same for 1 inch or 100 inch diameter cylinder. With a small force of 10 foot pound at your end you will be able to multiply that by the ratio of square of diameters. So 10 foot pound can be increased to 10X100X100 that is one hundred thousand foot pounds. See how great the force multiplication is.

Your DIY workshop Hydraulic Equipments

There are a number of equipments that you can use in your workshop. In fact you have one in every automobile. The hydraulic jack is the one that you use for lifting car wheel when you wish to replace the tire when it develops a puncture. Imagine how you would have done without hydraulic jack on the state highway (Why even imagine? You can see the examples on every road trip) Your DIY workshop can have a hydraulic press, a hydraulic bar cutter, hydraulic jack (how can we forget the jack?). Now if you have the equipment, you have to know how to care for it and here are some tips on care of hydraulic equipments that you have.

Care of Hydraulic Equipments

Taking care of hydraulic equipments is easy and minimal care is required if you wish to have an equipment in correct working order. It takes small effort to keep it in working order. You are on correct path if you

·          Clean the equipment after every use. When you use hydraulic equipment, you will not be doing it in the best of conditions. You will be using it on road, in dusty conditions. In fact when you use you rather tend to misuse it. After your work is over, the hydraulic equipment is just dumped and off you go on your to your next work. Instead, if you clean it and keep it safely you will be benefited more.

·          Keep it away from dust. Dust is the worst enemy of seals in hydraulic equipments. If you wish to have the seals working properly, keep the dust out of it.

·          Do not allow water to get in. The water can and will cause corrosion in hydraulic equipments and this can cause seal damage.

Just these small things will ensure that your hydraulic equipments will continue to work for long period of time