Quilting Sewing machine was a pure quilting revolution in the 19th century.

However, Quilting began in the early medieval era when there were the crusades and the travelling men required warm clothes and bedding to keep them warm in the cold nights and winter days.

Quilting was predominantly a feminine hobby that accompanied their daily routine. The women would sew, quilt and spin yarn to make warm clothes and warm bedding.

Quilting later became a business and is now considered a good export item. With the introduction of the Quilting Sewing machine, quilting has taken on new dimensions and is now considered an art form.

A Quilting Sewing machine enables the quilt maker to perform more complex designs in a shorter time. With Quilting Sewing machines a person can begin a nice little home business. Quilting Sewing machines also enable more people to undertake quilting as a hobby, with its easy-to-follow instructions and simply operative mechanics.

Although many women still enjoy making handmade Quilts with their hands, the Quilting Sewing machine is fast becoming a popular alternative. Rather than manually stitching the pieces of Quilting material together, a Quilting Sewing machine will allow a person to simply sew them together.

Quilting Sewing machines are diverse, allowing a person to sew using invisible stitch, or even using colored thread. With such amazing opportunities it is easy to produce a colourful masterpiece. A person using a Quilting Sewing machine is only required to adjust the needle and settings to suit the type of stitching and pattern that is desired.

Quilting Sewing machines consist of a small motor that is powered using electricity. The size of the Quilting Sewing machine will be proportionate to the size of the Quilting Sewing machine’s motor. While using the Quilting Sewing machine it is advisable to rest at certain points during the sewing process to allow the Quilting Sewing machine’s motor to cool down.

One of the most important items used in conjunction with the Quilting Sewing machine is the needle. Quilting Sewing machine needles come in a variety of sizes and you should always ensure that you have spare needles, as sometimes they can break. To ensure that your Quilting Sewing machine operates at its highest potential during your Quilting session, it is recommended that you change your Quilting needle regularly at the beginning of each new Quilting project.

Different threads are often used when quilting with a Quilting sewing machine and each different sized thread will require a different sized needle. You will find that the needles used with a Quilting Sewing machine are sharper than the needles used in manual Quilting, so it is imperative that when using a Quilting Sewing machine you are aware of special considerations and personal safety.

In conjunction with the specific needles have been designed to be used with Quilting Sewing machines; special thread has also been designed to be used with Quilting Sewing machines. One of the most popular threads used in Quilting on the Quilting Sewing machine is the Nylon see-through thread, although Cotton thread is popular for using on quilted baby items.