Quilting has a long and interesting history. Initially a way of producing warm clothes and bed covers, Quilting soon developed into an art form.

Quilting patterns were simple in the beginning, yet slowly became more and more intricate as time went by. Today, you can find a labyrinth of patterns and fabric styles that are used in Machine Quilting Patterns.

Machine Quilting Patterns are unique, as they are made using a synchronous stitching motion and pantograph patterns.

Machine Quilting patterns are more diverse than manually stitched patterns and their level of accuracy is much higher. Machine Quilting patterns range from simple designs through to more elaborate designs. You simply purchase the pantograph pattern that you desire to place on your Quilting fabric and the Quilting machine will do the rest.

The fabrics and colors that were available years ago limited Quilting designs. Although some traditional fabrics are still used, modern Machine Quilting patterns can make use of a huge range of new fabrics, fabric colors and fabric prints.

One of the oldest and most common Quilting patterns is the patchwork design. Machine Quilting patterns often incorporate the patchwork design into a more modern pattern. Patchwork designs are very popular amongst children, with one of the most famous patchwork quilting designs being the Holly Hobby patchwork quilt sets.

With modern technology and advanced fabric manufacturing capabilities, Quilting can be more fun and adventurous. Machine Quilting patterns can include Faux Fur, Flannel, Fleece and Wool. Machine Quilting pattern fabric can include flower patterns, country patterns, animal patterns, simple patterns and bold patterns.

Machine Quilting patterns are great for making handbags, children’s clothes, warm Quilt coats and snugly bedding items. All Machine Quilting patterns use a cotton fabric batting that goes between the backing fabric and the front fabric of the Machine Quilting pattern – 100% cotton fabric batting is the best.

Generally, there are three categories of Quilting fabrics - the Cotton fabrics, the Designer fabrics and the Colored fabrics. Cotton Quilting fabrics offer a soft and easy-to-use fabric choice, which come in a range of print designs and styles. Designer fabrics include fabric designs from the likes of Amy Butler, Laurel Burch and Moda. Colored fabrics range from Blues to Pinks and even black fabrics.

Whether you are looking to create a Country scene, a Winter snow escapade, or a creative art work - there are thousands of Machine Quilting patterns to choose from, so your are certain to find the right one for you. One of the most innovative ideas in American Quilting circles is to make a family Quilt and getting all the members of the family to contribute to the quilting design, then the Quilt is given to the Grandmother and displayed as a wall hanging.

Overall, Machine Quilting patterns offer modern Quilting designers many more choices than their predecessors had, although the same purpose is achieved – making warmth, creating something personal and something that will last. The Machine Quilting pattern makes great Quilts, but also helps generate a lot of joy and fun.