Centuries ago women stayed at home and often made handy crafts in their spare time. Now they can use a home quilting machine.

When the winter months would come by, women would make warm clothes and bed covers to keep their family snug, as the moths got colder. Quilting appears to have been one of the ways in which women constructed garments and bedding for protection against cold weather.

Quilting appeared around the 12th century at the time of the crusades and can also be found in Middle Eastern history artefacts.

Although originally a manual craft, after the invention of electricity in the 19th century, the Home Quilting machine soon appeared.

The Home Quilting machine caused a revolution in Quilting. Suddenly there appeared more Quilting options and women were able to go into business by making bedding Quilts, clothes and other Quilting items at home.

With the Home Quilting machine, there appeared a new range of fabrics, Quilting patterns and designs. Home Quilting machines had the capability of constructing intricate Country scenes and ornate art works, using a variety of fabrics. Home Quilting machines quickly became all the rage and manufactures had trouble keeping up with the demand.

One of the most famous Home Quilting machine manufactures to first appear on the market was Baileys, whose Sewing mechanism was developed by Singer, the original Sewing machine manufacturers. Baileys now manufacture the Home Quilting machines as well as the Long Arm Quilting machines.

The Baileys Home Quilting machine is compatible with the Horn airlift, long-arm cabinet and the Sturdy Grace quilting system of rollers – a well-made quilting frame. The Baileys Home Quilting machine spans a 13 Inch bed length from the Home Quilting machine housing to the Home Quilting machine needle. The Baileys Home Quilting machine also stitches 700 stitches per minute – very fast.

Features of the Baileys Home Quilting machine also include a laser stylist that enables the operator to easily follow quilting patterns, warranty on drive components and lightweight compatibility – the Quilting machine weighs only 20 + lbs.

Overall, the Home Quilting machine has many endearing features and offers a rewarding alternative to the trials of manual quilting. The Home Quilting machine is more accurate and long lasting, its mechanical operation is fast and its scope is large – a large variety of pattern being available.

The Home Quilting machine enables you to make artwork quilts for display, quilt bedding and quilt coats, otherwise known as gambeson. A Gambeson was a type of quilt coat that was often made as a defence coat that was worn separately, or with armour. A Gambeson was usually made from linen and wool.

Quilted leather jackets and trousers were also worn by horsemen and can be traced back over 2400 years ago. The Gambeson was also found in medieval times and today can be made on the Home Quilting machine.

The Home Quilting machine has changed the face of history, yet it has also enabled history to be retained through its ability to integrate the future of Quilting and Quilting design with the past.