The Long Arm Quilting Machine is a compact machine for your Table Top quilting frame that enables your to complete your quilts faster and in larger blocks and patterns.

It operates using a Synchronous drives that is a contemporary and efficient system that enables the mechanical components to perform at an optimum level.
The Long Arm Quilting machine is perfect for people who wish to make quilts for sale and need to produce a high volume of quilts.

It is not definitive where quilting first originated, yet there are signs of quilting existing at the time of the crusades and in Egyptian historical clothing artifacts.
It is thought that quilting was used to re-enforce clothing in order to make them warmer for the winter months. Before women were able to work, they often spent their time sewing, spinning, weaving and quilting. Contemporary quilting has become an art form; with exhibitions often being held to display the intricate and beautiful design creations of the quilt maker’s handwork.

Some of the most well known quilting machine names in the quilting industry are Hanson, Gammill and Nolton - just to name a few. The Long Arm Quilting machines can produce queen and king size quilts with various designs. You will be amazed at the variety of designs that can be created using a Long arm quilting machine.
The Long Arm Quilting machines synchronous drives eliminate the disadvantages of previous machines mechanical components. Its synchronous belt drive system is similar to the timing belt found in an automobile engine. The synchronous belt operates in a basic fashion - the teeth of the belt engaging with the grooves of the pulley to drive the mechanism.

This sophisticated, yet simply synchronous system eliminates slippage and speed loss and enables the Long Arm Quilting machine to operate at high speeds. The synchronous belt wraps around the pulley rather than operating in a rotational fashion, thus eliminating wear and tear and reducing the noise level of the machine.
There is no friction involved in the operation of the synchronous drive of the Long Arm Quilting machine, as it is entirely dependant on the positive engagement of the belt teeth on the pulley grooves. To ensure that the synchronous drive on the Long Arm Quilting machine is maintained, the belt line size coincides exactly with the diameter of the groove pulley.

Using a synchronous drive system in the Long Arm Quilting machine enables drive efficiency and energy savings, a non-slip environment and a low maintenance machine. It also reduces noise, compacts the drive system, increases the service life of the machine and eliminates the need for lubrication.
Overall, for those people who wish to make quilts for sale in large quantities, the Long Arm Quilting machine increases productivity and increases efficiency. Within no time at all, you will be meeting your quilt making quota and people will be enjoying the comfort of owning their own Long arm quilting machine made quilt in a variety of colors, patterns and styles.