Gammil Quilting machines are a popular brand of motor operated Quilting machines that are a result of the automation revolution within the Quilting Industry.

With the Quilting machine appearing in the 1980’s, there was no more need for laborious manual Quilting using large fabrics and memorized designs, the Quilting machine was capable of doing all the work.

The Quilting revolution began when it was considered that the better option was to move the Sewing machine, rather than move the material. Women until that time would be required to move the Quilting material in conjunction with a stationary Sewing machine. Quilting machines operate in the opposite fashion - the material is held still, while the Quilting machine moves in an automated way.

The Gammil Quilting machines are designed so that the material remains stationary, while the Gammil Quilting machine moves. The Gammil Quilting machines operates on tracks, allowing it to be moved easily in any direction. The Gammil Quilting machine operator can also operate the Gammil Quilting machines from either side of the machine.

While help upright using a specially made stand, the Gammil Quilting machine can trace pantograph patterns onto the fabric that is placed on the Quilting frame. With this unique set up, the Gammil Quilting machine can complete complex Quilting patterns in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.
Hand guided, the Gammil Quilting machine operates using a series of fabric handling rollers that join the three layers of the Quilting design together – the lining, fibrefill and the top fabric. This in turn allows the Sewing mechanism of the Gammil Quilting machine to glide over the fabric, complete the Quilting and then moves along to complete the remaining section of the fabric.

With the advancements in Quilting technology the Gammil Quilting machine has been improved and refined over the years and now completes its Quilting tasks with quality precision and style. There are even a range of different models and different sized Gammil Quilting machines to suit everyone’s needs.

The Gammil Quilting machine can produce perfect circles, diagonal patterns, channel patterns and intricate designs. The Gammil Quilting machine is manufactured using quality mechanical and electrical parts that ensure quality Quilts are produced.

Gammil is considered a leader in the Quilting Industry because of its performance, safety, convenience, versatility and reliability. Some of the most notable features of the Gammil Quilting machine are its Automatic Thread Escapement Opener, Ten-Wheel Carriage System, Heavy-Duty Fabric Handling Rollers and Focusable Stylaser.

The Gammil Quilting machine is convenient because it has a Centralized Lubrication System, Variable Speed Control, Two-Way Control System and Adjustable Height Stand Capabilities. The Gammil Quilting machine is also reliable and will last a long time with its Cast Aluminum Molded Sewing Head, Heavy-Duty Steel Shaft Bearings and All Steel Stand Construction.

Versatility is one of the Gammil Quilting machines top qualities, with its Removable Quilting Feet, Individual Preference of Lining and Top Fabric Roller Positions and Comforter Quilting System. The Gammil Quilting machine is also very safe and comes with a Three Way On/Off Switch, Ergonomically Designed Controls and Belt Guards.