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The Laundromat has lost its appeal not that they ever possessed any real appeal but nonetheless, they are far less appealing now than ever before.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you go to the Laundromat, you’ll find filth. In most cases, the filth and stench is so bad in a Laundromat, you aren’t sure if you are in a Laundromat or if you are in a dog kennel. It really is that bad.

Luckily, most people have other options for doing laundry than the local run down Laundromat. They can take their clothes home to mom or dad to do the clothes. This has its advantages of course. You can have mom and dad whip up a nice dinner and you can enjoy a home cooked meal while mom and dad do your laundry and of course they have a reward too. They get to see you!

Laundromats will continue to lose laundry business to the local apartment complexes because the local complexes make sure to keep the laundry facilities clean and neat-- free from lint and trash. Of course, there are exceptions to this too. The ghetto, for instance, may not be known for neat laundry rooms. Fresh smells coming from the laundry room may not adorn the halls of the housing project in your hometown. Again, the exception and not the rule.

The high standards of Laundromats are not at all high standards any more. You will be hard pressed to find an attendant on duty at a Laundromat. You may never see an attendant at any Laundromat. The machines may eat your coins without giving your clothes the first spin, or worse, the machines may eat your clothes!

Laundromats used to be the place to find love, now you might find a stalker. You used to be able to read a good book while doing your laundry, now you may have to listen to rap music or witness domestic violence as the man in the wife beater shirt comes in behind his wife screaming absolutely unnecessary comments. Yes, Laundromats have changed. No longer, is the Laundromat a safe haven to do laundry, gone are the days of peace and enjoyment as the rattle of the dryer let you know that you left change in your pockets. Now if you hear a rattle, it’s likely the new instrumentals on the rap song being played at high volumes in the Laundromat.



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