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The Ice Cream machines were first invented in order to make Ice Cream for the masses and it was later modified to allow people to make homemade Ice Cream for themselves to enjoy.

The first Ice Cream machines were relatively simple constructions consisting of an inner bowl that was used to place the Ice Cream mixture in and an outer bowl that use to hold rock salt.

Today, Ice Cream machines are more sophisticated and can freeze Ice Cream relatively easily through the use of a refrigeration system that is generated through the availability of electricity. Of course, the basic Ice Cream mixture has not altered, yet flavours, fillings and coatings have been added.

The basic Ice Cream mixture is made from Milk, Cream, Sugar and Flavouring. Some of the best Ice Cream recipes have often been those invented by individuals who discovered new Ice Cream concoctions within the walls of their own home, using their own Ice Cream Machine.

The history of Ice Cream can be found in folklore that existed back in 200 BC in China, although later found in other part of the world. There are also stories of a form of Ice Cream being enjoyed by the Roman Emperor, Marco Polo and even King Charles the I, whose personal chef developed his own Ice Cream recipe.
However, it wasn’t until 1846, when a woman by the name of Nancy Johnson invented the hand cranking Ice Cream machine. Although a manual process, it enabled Ice Cream to be made in larger quantities than previously possible.

Finally, in the 1920’s a man by the name of Clarence Voigt invented the first continuous freezer that was capable of processing large quantities of Ice Cream and paved the way for commercial Ice Cream to be realized.

The advantages of having your own Ice Cream maker are numerous; you can make fresh Ice Cream with a variety of ingredients and made from a variety of different flavours. You can make Ice Cream whenever you want and in any quantity that you desire. You can also make your own Ice Cream for friends, guests and your family.

Some of the best Ice Cream machines on the market today include the Electric Ice Cream Maker that comes with a built in freezer compartment and easy to remove parts, making it hygienically safer and easy to wash. By using an electric Ice Cream Maker it only takes 20 to 40 minutes for the Ice Cream to set, which means that creating amazing Ice Cream is so simply.

Some of the most popular home made Ice Cream recipes include Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Banana, Strawberry, Crunchy Pecan and Maple Syrup, Mint Choc Chip, Honey and Butter Pecan. All these recipes sound amazingly delicious and with an Ice Cream machine you will be able to enjoy them all.

Once you have an Ice Cream maker you simply need to buy the fresh ingredients, add them to the Ice Cream machine and follow the instructions. With an Ice Cream machine you can also make Ice Cream sorbet, so those people who love sorbet will also love the Ice Cream Machine.



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