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Tattoo machines, which have been in use for more than a century, have not undergone many changes during that stretch of time.

In 1877, Thomas Edison invented an electric marking pencil. Samuel O’Reilly took that invention and modified it enough to create a new device. What he created was the precursor to the tattoo machines that are in use today.
The electric tattoo machines had then, and continue to have a dual coil device that delivers the cutting action on the skin. But while the basic aspects of the tattoo machines have not changed greatly over the years, the access of the public to tattoo-related paraphernalia has increased greatly. The Internet has contributed substantially to this increase.
Some Websites offer the replacement parts for the tattoo machines. One such supply, one that is vital for effective use of the tattoo machines, is tattoo needles. Several Websites offer those pointed tools. Other Websites improve the use of tattoo machines by providing the machine users with easy access to tattoo designs.
The Internet even assists with training for the use of the tattoo machines. Some Websites offer a special practice skin. This product allows the future tattoo maker to practice his or her ability to create tattoos without doing unnecessary damage to the practice skin. Those who are about to meet with the owner of any of the tattoo machines might appreciate knowing that those machine users had the ability to practice their skill on imitation skin.  
What is the future of the tattoo machines? No one with a crystal ball has provided that answer. In fact, Wired Magazine did not even mention the tattoo machines in its recent list of 10 Cool USB Gizmos. It is doubtful, though, that the tattoo, which has been around for centuries, will not remain a controversial type of decoration. Hence the future of the tattoo machines seems secure.
Still, modern-day concern might cause one to use greater care about choosing the man or woman who seeks to make a living through use of a tattoo machine. One must realize that it is now possible to have a small tracking device planted under the skin.  In light of that fact, one would be apt to wonder how such a device might be unknowingly placed under someone’s skin. Obviously, those who are operating tattoo machines could have that ability.
Does that mean that it is always dangerous to get a tattoo? No, not all the time, but society must be certain that the people who have control of the tattoo machines are reputable enough to banish any fears that they might chose to do harm to their clients. Society needs some way to protect citizens against the possibility that a tattoo artist add to his or her income be getting paid to insert tracking devices under the skin of select customers.
Perhaps in the future all of the users of tattoo machines will need two types of licenses. One such license would testify to the health of the machine user, the other could be evidence of his or her trustworthiness.

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