The CNC woodworking machine allows the machine operator to achieve precise control over the woodworking process.

It puts the operator at the controls of machine tools that will move in precise increments, according to the instructions from computers. 

According to Stiles Machinery, four new CNC woodworking machines recently came on the market. Each new CNC woodworking machine provides the manufacturer with a new and remarkable tool. Each of the new machines allows the operator to perform procedures that were once impossible.

One new CNC woodworking machine allows the operator to work on a nested-base with a CNC machining center. Operators of this new CNC woodworking machine are able to perform boring and grooving on flat components. Now this is not at all like the grooving that young people do to music. The grooving performed by this machine transforms the shape of flat components that have been nested into full sheets of material.

A second new CNC woodworking machine offers the operator the ability to perform single-sided edge banding. These edge-banding processes can be carried out with coiled material, laminate strips, or wood strips.

A third of the four new CNC woodworking machines is a longitudinal veneer splicer. This gives the operator the ability to deliver a fast, solid glue line. This new CNC woodworking machine is ideal for the process of spicing a material that has pre-glued veneers.

The last of the new CNC woodworking machines does not facilitate the cutting or grooving of wood. The final CNC woodworking machine mentioned on the Website for Stiles Machinery delivers to the operator a more precise joining technology. It allows the operator to perform ultrasonic joining.

This new joining technology relies on the generation of ultrasound by the machine’s motor. This new CNC woodworking machine delivers the ultrasound to a sonic rivet. This new type of sonic rivet is a 21st century replacement for the old dowel and glue process. That was the traditional method used by the woodworker to join two or more pieces of wood.

These four new machines give the manufacturer access to four methods by which to increase the precision of the machines that perform the woodworking operations. Each operator who has the privilege of using any new CNC woodworking machine can now expand the number of processes for which that operator can tap into the computer numerical control (CNC), Each operator of a new CNC woodworking machine has an added method by which to guide the woodworking machine over precisely defined lines.

Now manufacturers do not need to be concerned about the problems that might arise from trying to work with a pile of thin wooden sheets. Now manufacturers do not need to feel guilty about asking operators to struggle against the obstacles created by cutting into a piece of wood with a shiny veneer. Now manufacturers don’t need to fret about the imprecision that some traditional methods can introduce into the assembly process. All these problems can be solved with the proper CNC woodworking machine.


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