The CNC Lathe machine is constructed in such a way that it can control the turning of a wide variety of finished products.

A manufacturer can have a CNC Lathe machine designed to facilitate the cutting of columns, rope twists, or newel posts. The CNC Lathe machine can perform its cutting on pieces of plastic or wood that have been molded or cut into a unique shape.

Every CNC Lathe machine contains a rotating wheel. The wheel is turned electronically, and the electric panel on the Lathe interfaces with the CNC controls. The CNC controls then direct the way that a material can be panned (viewed) by the rotating wheel. The CNC controls allow the CNC Lathe machine operator to control both the rotating speed and the panning direction of the wheel inside the Lathe.

The rotating wheel creates a circle of spikes. These spikes are what cut the material that is put into the CNC Lathe machine. The direction in which the cutting takes place is determined by the choice of Lathe machine. There are three types of CNC Lathe machines: reverse Lathes, vertical turning Lathes and horizontal turning Lathes. All cutting is done on a single plane, a plane determined by the turret (the space) inside of the CNC Lathe machine.

The rotating wheel moves inside of the turret. This movement of the wheel allows it to pan over the material that is to be cut. The Lathe structure determines the plane over which the rotating wheel will move. The CNC controls instruct the wheel inside the CNC Lathe machine how to pan over the material that needs to be cut. The operator has provided the CNC software with information concerning the shape of the object that is in the Lathe and the shape of the image that the Lathe’s wheel needs to cut onto that object. 

The manufacturer who needs to purchase a CNC Lathe machine must take into consideration a number of different factors:

1) Will there be a need for more than one size of Lathe? The size of a Lathe machine is determined by the size of the turret.

2) Will there be a need for more than one type of Lathe? Will the turning of the material need to proceed on a horizontal plane or a vertical plane? Will the rotating wheel need to work in a reverse direction?

3) Can the machine withstand the uses to which it will be put? Some CNC Lathe machines have a turcite coating in the turret. This helps to increase the life of the Lathe machine.

4) Does the machine offer a way to monitor the action of the rotating wheel? Many Lathe machines have laser controls.

5) Does the CNC Lathe machine supplier offer some type of customer support?

Once a manufacturer has determined the answers to the above questions, then he, or she, is in a position to purchase a CNC Lathe machine. Then the manufacturer is ready to cut images into objects with a variety of different shapes.



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