The CNC plasma cutting machine facilitates the cutting of metal, glass, rubber, marble, granite and plastic by linking the cutting device to a computer.

The CNC cutting machine is one of close to a half-dozen different cutting machines that make use of a computer during the cutting process. Other cutting machines with computer numerical control (CNC) are the laser cutting machine, the waterjet cutting machine and the oxyfuel cutting machine.

The operator of a CNC cutting machine uses an arc to heat the area of material that is to be cut. The operator then uses a high-velocity, high temperature, ionized gas to cut into the material. A computer directs the direction of the cutting implement. Computer shapes arranged on the computer screen to tell the CNC cutting machine where to expose the material to the stream of ionized gas.

The job of cutting is greatly facilitated by the CNC software. The operator of a CNC plasma cutting machine can call for a pause in the movement of the cutting device at anytime, thus causing a piercing of the material underneath. The extent of the piercing will increase or decrease according to the length of the pause. In addition, the speed of the moving CNC plasma cutting machine can be increased or decreased as the operator takes the machine around curves in the desired shapes.

With the aid of the CNC plasma cutting machine the manufacturer has available to him an efficient method for creating a string of letters from a solid material. In order to fully appreciate the value of the CNC plasma cutting machine, one needs to study the metal sign over the exhaust of the Harley Davidson motorcycle. This was once a solid piece of metal. It is now a sign that clearly says Harley Davidson.

A CNC plasma cutting machine was used to make this 18 inch long sign. The CNC plasma cutting machine transformed a piece of metal with a thickness of ¼ an inch into an attractive form of product identification. This transformation was completed in the space of about eleven minutes.

The above information highlights the reason that the CNC plasma cutting machine has become such an important tool within the steel industry. Steel manufacturers are constantly looking for newer and better plasma cutting machines. They are familiar with the range of different machines now on the market.

One type of CNC plasma cutting machine has an air plasma system. It is used for hand-held cutting. Another CNC plasma cutting machine has a 120 volt system. It is used for cutting thin metals. And yet a third type of CNC plasma cutting machine has a 200 volt single phase system. This machine can cut metal that is up to one inch thick.

Now the reader of this article might want to pay attention to the number and style of any metal signs with attractive lettering. The reader should also know that the operator of a CNC plasma cutting machine created each of those signs.



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