MIG can be used in two ways - automatically or semi-automatically.

A robotic arm welding car frames at an auto assembly plant is a good example explaining automatic MIG. In comparison to that when an operator holds the MIG gun and manipulates the weld pool would be referred as Semiautomatic.

Therefore, in an automatic MIG, an operator is just required to set up the machine and then ensure the process runs smoothly. When we say operator in this case, it is the welder. For the automatic Machine MIG Welding the operator needs to understand the welding zone and ought to possess the right touch. A good welder would be able to get one with the process and be able not only run a bead but also see the bead tie-in, and makes sure it is uniform.

One of the good things about Machine MIG Welding is that you can put a machine in your garage or shed and start welding. Machine MIG welding is well liked, for the reason that it can be easily learned and also because you can do and build a lot of things with it. You have to let your imagination take you there – you can create an artwork or simply restore old cars. 

If you are in the market to purchase a Machine MIG welding machines, then you would happy to know that there is much different kind of machines available. However, it would not always be prudent to go in for the cheapest as then you would not be guaranteed of the quality. An average price for a good machine would be ranged $400 to $500.

There are few precautions you should undertake before you plug your Machine MIG welding machine. Always remember to put a fuse in the correct amp as specified by the manufacturer or be prepared to lose your electricity.

Just be careful of your neighbors watching haul the machine MIG welding into your garage or shed. Because if they do see you owning the machine – you may have to get prepared to weld a lot for welfare. It is just like a pick up truck - no one wants to ride with you until they have to move and need to carry furniture.

Machine MIG Welding Advantages

  1. It gives high productivity, since you are not required to stop to change rods or chip and brush the weld frequently.
  2. Uncomplicated to learn and makes great-looking welds.
  3. Requires almost no cleanup.
  4. Can weld on different surface such as - stainless, mild steel, and aluminum.
  5. Can weld in all positions.

Machine MIG Welding Disadvantages

  1. Necessitate a burdensome bottle of shielding gas.
  2. Heavy cost of consumables, such as tips and nozzles.
  3. It doesn’t get the proper penetration on thick steel.
  4. You will not get that cigarette break, as it does not require being stopped frequently.

 Overall, both automatically or semi-automatically MIG welding can be effective and you must choose the one that suits your purpose and ensure that the work conditions match the machine’s operational functioning.



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