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Vow to Make the Most of Your Wedding Ring Investment (Freeport Journal)

(ARA) - Tying the knot is one thing. Getting tied up in knots about your wedding rings is another. At an average wedding cost of ,000, approximately billion is spent on more than 2.5 million weddings in the United States each year, according to Sell More Weddings.

More info: WANT TO GO? (Montgomery Advertiser)

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical "Man of La Mancha" is a thoroughly captivating musical gem.

9 Ideas for Teen Businesses (

If you want to earn your own money, but are too young to take a part-time job or would prefer to be your own boss, these ideas will help you get a business started.

53rd gem show features prehistoric theme (The Wichita Eagle)

Fossils revealing prehistoric life in Kansas, including the mammoth tusk unearthed during construction along Kellogg, will be featured at the 53rd annual Wichita Gem and Mineral Show this weekend at Cessna Activities Center, 2744 George Washington Blvd.

Current Video Releases (San Francisco Chronicle)

Here is a look at some current and new video releases, reviewed by Walter Addiego, Neva Chonin, Peter Hartlaub, G. Allen Johnson, Mick LaSalle, John McMurtrie, Carla Meyer, Joel Selvin and Ruthe Stein. All are available on VHS and DVD unless otherwise noted.


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